ADATA Premier Series 8GB DDR3L 1600Mhz 204 Pin SO-DIMM Memory Module for Laptop

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ADATA continues to lead the industry in DRAM timing and density with these 8GB Premier Series DDR3L 1600 single piece memory modules. They are designed and engineered to support the ever more rigorous requirements of enthusiasts and professionals. The high 8 GB density overcomes situations where there are only a few DRAM slots on the motherboard, allowing users to maximize system potential and performance. The Premier Series 1600 Mbps DDR3L 204-Pin (SO-DIMM) are standard pin design modules operating at 1.35 volts, with transmission bandwidth up to 12.8 Gb/second (PC3L 12800). The memory modules implement cutting edge technology that enables remarkable memory density on a single module. All the modules are in accordance with JEDEC (Joint Electron Device Engineering Council, JEDEC Solid State Technology Association) and RoHS design and production standards, simultaneously ensuring compatibility with all the computer systems adopting the same standard and ecologically sound product. ADATA Series memory modules come with lifetime warranty and service, providing remarkable protection.

Features at a glance-

  • Suitable for Notebook
  • Module Specification: 204Pin SO-DIMM
  • IC Configuration: 256 x 8, 512 x 8
  • CAS Latency 11
  • Working Voltage: 1.35V (1.283V-1.45V)

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Full specifications for Laptop RAM Sodimm DDR3L 8GB 1600 Mhz 

FeatureSuitable for Notebook
Module Specification204 Pin SO-DIMM
IC Configuration256 x 8
Feature512 x 8
FeatureCAS Latency 11
Working Voltage1.35V (1.283V-1.45V)
Weight0.01 kg
Dimensions6.76 × 3.18 × 0.38 cm
RAM Compatible with


RAM Flair


RAM Heatsink


RAM Kit Qty

8GB x 1

RAM Series


RAM Size

8 GB

RAM Speed

1600 MHZ

RAM Type


RAM with RGB








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