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JioGamesCloud – Reliance Jio’s Cloud Gaming service

JioGamesCloud is a cloud gaming service, which is slowly but surely spreading its wings in the Indian gaming scene. It allows gamers to stream games from the cloud, meaning they don’t need to own powerful hardware to enjoy the latest and greatest games when they become available.

With JioGamesCloud, gamers have access to 50+ games but there is a catch here, there are only a few popular titles available like – The Saint’s Row franchise, Kingdom Come: Deliverance, Blacksad: Under The Skin, and a favorite of ours Shadow Tactics: Blades of Shogun.

In this post, we will dive into the world of JioGamesCloud – Jio’s cloud gaming platform and explore everything you need to know about this game-changing cloud gaming service. From its features and pricing to the pros and cons of using it, we’ll cover it all. So, let’s get started and explore the exciting world of cloud gaming with JioGamesCloud.

Key points to take away from this article

  • JioGamesCloud is a cloud gaming platform launched by Reliance Jio. It allows users to stream games on their devices without the need for expensive gaming hardware.
  • JioGamesCloud is currently in the beta testing phase, and is free for use by all. It will offer a range of games across different genres, including racing, sports, and adventure.
  • The platform will enable users to play games across multiple devices, including smartphones, tablets, smart TVs, and laptops. It will also allow gamers to save their progress and resume the game on any device they want.
  • JioGamesCloud will leverage Ubitus cloud computing technology to deliver high-quality cross-play gaming experiences to users. It will provide low-latency gameplay and high-resolution graphics, even on low-end devices.
  • JioGamesCloud is expected to disrupt the gaming industry in India by making high-quality gaming accessible to millions of users across the country. It will also provide opportunities for game developers to create and publish games on the platform, thereby expanding the Indian gaming ecosystem.
  • The vast array of 5G networks developed by Reliance Jio will play a vital role in the success of JioGamesCloud

What is Cloud Gaming?

Cloud gaming is an online gaming business model, also known as gaming as a service, where video games are played on a browser like google chrome, hosted by a third-party service provider, instead of the user’s local device.

In cloud gaming, the game is executed on a powerful server, and the video and audio are streamed to the player’s device over the internet. The player’s input is then sent back to the server, and the player can see his input taking place live on their screen.

This allows players to access high-quality games without any expensive hardware, as the game is played on a remote server rather than the player’s device. Some popular cloud gaming platforms include Google Stadia (now discontinued), NVIDIA GeForce Now (not available in India), and Amazon Luna (not available in India).

What is JioGamesCloud?

JioGamesCloud - Jio Cloud Gaming platform

JioGamesCloud is a cloud gaming platform, which allows its users to play games, without needing to download them or run them on their devices. The user can use any device ranging from a mobile phone to a Jio set-top box, laptop, or desktop.

It is a great boon to any upcoming gaming talent as they can now play high-end games on a low-end PC. Although the current games being offered are slim, we expect them to become more flavored as time passes. JioGamesCloud partnered with Ubitus a cloud gaming enabler,(it allows the same games to be ported to various devices for cross-play facilities) to bring cloud gaming to India. As per the latest gossip, Jio has also partnered with Nvidia Geforce Now, so we can expect some pretty good games to follow.

The advantage JioGamesCloud offers is being able to play games at 1080p on ultra settings, no 4K gaming for now. But with the 5G becoming more powerful, we expect this gap to be filled soon as well.
As far as the pricing is concerned, it is free for now but if we go by the history of Jio’s marketing technique we don’t really need to worry about it.

Our expectations as far as pricing is concerned, should fall between Rs. 1000/- to Rs. 1500/- per month including your internet connection. Pretty solid when you think I ended up spending Rs. 46k for an RTX 2070 super this past year.

There are some downsides also. Some games are controller-only, so you will need a controller to play games like Shadow Tactics. The games being offered are not what we would call the latest games.

We would love to see some newer games or the option to connect our Steam account, Ubi Play, etc. We could not find an option to stream our gameplay as well. It would have greatly improved our experience and our fellow gamers as streaming is becoming increasingly popular in India.

Is JioGamesCloud available in India right now? How do I play games on JioGamesCloud?

Before you start playing you might need to check your internet connection. They recommend a 20 MB/s LAN connection but I would say it’s a bit on the higher side. We played Kingdom Come: Deliverance and it worked fine at 8 Mbps speed. We did not face any latencies or lags to comment upon.

To start playing –

  • Simply go here
  • Create your account on JioGamesCloud
  • Wait for 5 Minutes to get whitelisted
  • Login and start playing

It doesn’t matter if you do not have a Jio connection, it is free for all right now.

Is JioGamesCloud the only cloud gaming platform right now for the Indian market?

There are 2 great options available right now to the Indian cloud gaming market besides JioGamesCloud that we have come across in our search –

  1. The Gaming Project – Believe it or not The Gaming Project started cloud gaming before JioGamesCloud, and I liked their cloud gaming platform more than I did JioGamesCloud for now.
    Their pricing is a bit expensive though Rs. 499/- per month for up to 20 hours of gameplay and Rs. 799/- per month for 35 hours of gameplay. At the time of writing, they are offering an unlimited subscription priced at Rs. 1199/- per month but it is a limited-time offer.
    The downside is their preloaded games are whack, the upside is if you have games on Steam you can play them here, and they support 4K gaming. Besides using the browser you can also opt to download their software to use the services.
    Their software requires 4GB of minimum RAM (6GB is recommended), Windows 10, and a WI-FI connection (LAN recommended). The use of their software further reduces latencies. I won’t suggest playing CSGO on this because a split second can make a difference there but other RTS games will be great. 
  2. AntPlay – Owned by Ant E-Sports Pvt. Ltd. They are also recognized manufacturers of gaming computer hardware like Cabinet, PSU, Cooling Solutions, etc.
    They offer weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly subscriptions with hourly plans coming soon. Starting at Rs. 999/- for 7 days, 1999/- for 15 days, and ending at 2999/- for 30 Days.
    The promised system configuration is an 8v CPU (this means an 8 cores processor), 12GB RAM, 6GB DDR5 GPU, 400GB SSD, and 50 Mbit/s Upstream.
    We suggest you use their 2-hour free trial before buying the subscription. They require a fast internet connection. It worked fine for us on a 20MB/s connection. They don’t have games preloaded, they just give you a High-end PC and you can do what you want with it.

In conclusion, JioGamesCloud is a cloud gaming service that has entered the Indian gaming scene and allows gamers to stream games from the cloud without owning powerful hardware. Although it currently offers access to 50+ games, only a few popular titles are available, but more are expected to follow as the service expands.

JioGamesCloud offers gamers the ability to play games at 1080p on ultra settings, but the service does not offer 4K gaming as of now. The service is free for all for now, but a subscription model is expected in the future. JioGamesCloud has some downsides, such as some games being controller-only, and the games being offered not being the latest titles.

However, the service is a great boon to upcoming gaming talent as it allows them to play high-end games on a low-end PC. Other cloud gaming services such as The Gaming Project and Ant Play are also available in India, but they have different pricing models and game options. Overall, JioGamesCloud is an exciting entry into the cloud gaming market in India and has the potential to revolutionize the gaming industry in the country.

Frequently asked questions

Yes, JioGamesCloud- the Jio cloud gaming service is totally free for the time being. We expect the pricing to come in the coming days on a subscription model like other cloud gaming services

  • Simply go here
  • Create your account on JioGamesCloud
  • Wait for 5 Minutes to get whitelisted
  • Login and start playing

In recent news, JioGamesCloud – the Jio cloud gaming service has partnered with Nvidia GeForce Now to bring new games on their platform

Only 2 others have come to our notice – AntPlay and The Gaming Project. Ant Play does not have preloaded games but The Gaming Project does and allows you to connect your steam account to play you steam games on 4K Resolution.

As far as our research goes, cloud gaming is just beginning in India. 5G connections will help it in becoming mainstream but even then, we don’t think Cloud Gaming will make gaming PCs obsolete. For hardcore gamers, Gaming PC is still the way to go but for casual or hyper-casual gamers, cloud gaming will be just fine. To check out the latest guides on gaming PC click here

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