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Game Room – Directing simplicity to elegance

Sometimes it just feels like we can’t do justice to our gaming setup, our “game room” is too dull. That’s not the case, if you truly want to show love to your rig you can do so with the bare minimum effort on your part. People have often told me that PCs are not living things, and my response has always been – I express myself through it, it is an extension of me and if I don’t respect my passion, others never will.

I always try to do small things to make my PC stand out, but enough small things make a big change and then become an extension of my personality. This is a small article for people who want to do small changes to their existing setups and carve out their own game room.

A game room design idea for everyone!!

I came across this simple game room setup, it is the bare minimum in its requirements and does justice to the rig. It shows the love and passion a person has for their setup. They can start by doing small things to enrich their experience. I don’t know if this is a gaming rig or if the person is a casual gamer and just decided to spend a quick buck to get this kinda setup but I do like their simple design etiquette and would love to share how we can make one.

The Gaming PC Setup

Ok, first up is the setup itself Cabinet is Corsair iCUE 4000X, and water cooling is done via Corsair iCUE H100i RGB Pro XT. The graphics card is ASUS GeForce RTX 3060 and the RAM is TEAMGROUP T-Force Delta RGB DDR4 16GB 3200 Mhz (2x8GB Kit) used twice.

The monitor is a Samsung C24F390 24-inch, curved monitor. For speakers, I would recommend Redragon GS510 Waltz Desktop Speakers instead of the ones in the image. The RGB Control is better on this one and the sound quality is decent as well.

For the mousepad Tukzer RGB Gaming Mouse Pad is great. For the keyboard Corsair K55 RGB PRO Dynamic RGB is a great choice. You can choose from the prebuilt lighting modes or use the iCUE software to sync your keyboard’s lighting with your cabinet and water cooler. The mouse in the image is Razer Orochi V2 Mobile Wireless Bluetooth and we believe something like HP OMEN Photon Wireless Gaming Mouse would have been great instead.

For the RGB lighting strip – Gesto 300 Led Smart LED Light strip is perfect in our case. Last but not least the gaming chair and the desk for your desktop (see what I did there!!). For the gaming chair, we suggest – Green Soul Beast Racing Edition, and for the desk we recommend two options one is when you want to splurge – TARKAN Professional Gaming Desk. The other one is Coleshome Computer Desk 47″ in this case.

Remember to pick something around 47″ or more for your computer table. You will be placing your gaming PC case, monitor, speaker, keyboard, and mouse. It needs space and if you pick something too small, you might end up with too much clutter.

If you need anything from the above-mentioned components we have shared these links below from Amazon so you can get them easily. These are affiliate links and if you purchase via these links, we might get some commission at no additional cost to you. It enables us to keep coming up with new contents like this. Thanks

We hope, with this article you can decorate your game room better and can easily get what you want to achieve with your gaming setup. If you liked this guide of ours you can check out our other guide on game room design here. For more ideas take a look here.

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